Lissarette Nisnevich

Speaker Announcement #3: Lissarette Nisnevich was born and raised in the Dominican Republic with a fully bilingual education, and she started her career as an assistant teacher at the age of 15. Over the years, she was blessed with opportunities to travel the world teaching ESL, designing curriculums, and doing volunteer work in local communities. These opportunities not only enriched her understanding of the world, but also widened her horizons as an educator. With over a decade of experience in 30+ different countries, and a Masters in Early Childhood, she chose to open a Daycare center and a Preschool of her own right after settling down in New York to start a family. As a Director, she has tested her ability to plan, design and implement curriculums in different regions of the world. She passionately loves her work and wishes to utilize her skills to educate her son, and help others in her community. Prior to joining the education field, she has worked as a performer, artist and a model while participating in tv, journals, radio as well as Broadway shows. Her journey in the entertainment business begun when she was 3 years old, which eventually led up to her having her own TV show in the Dominican Republic when she turned 16.