The Buddhahood | 2013

Since 1996, The Buddhahood has been driving their World-Ternative Groove train in and out of Rochester, NY, whipping crowds of beloved fans into frenzy, blurring the line between stage and dance floor, and transcending audiences with their explosive and soulful shows. Carrying on the messages of Tony Cavagnaro, original Buddhahood band member and friend who died in a car crash, they continue to perform, write and record music with an innovative and bewitching twist. The Buddhahood’s message — be happy and have fun. That’s what you’ll get. Eight members arrive from varied musical backgrounds to make up this highly creative and entertaining ensemble. With full percussion, horns, bass, guitar, keys and multiple vocalists, this incarnation has the tools to deliver tunes mixed with shades of Afro-pop, Roots, Reggae, Jazz, Rock, Blues and Samba in unstoppable vibration and elemental harmony, and the band is working on recording its newest material.