Collaborate to Connect | Whitney G-Bowley and GIG | 2013

GIG is a collaborative show-cycle that brings dance into unconventional venues and shines light on new music — “A cosmic collision of dance and rock and roll.” Dancers and musicians work together as one, tight-knit ensemble. Lines are blurred. No real barriers exist. Dancers act as the living, breathing extension of a singer/songwriter’s music, causing the songs to quite literally be brought to life before audiences’ eyes. Whitney G-Bowley, an alum of Allendale Columbia School, founded GIG in 2010. She has always had an undeniable passion live performance and is honored to speak and dance today with her fellow collaborators, Patrick Firth (keys/vocals), Brian Killeen (acoustic guitar), and Lauren Chapman (vocals). They are all thrilled to be a part of this fantastic event. Fore more information about the show, visit