Introducing Fiona…

These are some of our favorite TED talks chosen by our 2018-2019 team of students. Up next is Fiona, a junior at Allendale Columbia School.

For my TED talk I chose Millennials- why are they the worst? By Kelly Williams-Brown. I decided on this video because of its relevance. The concept of millennials and their self-centered, ever-changing values seems to be constantly criticized in today’s society. I really enjoyed Kelly’s talk because she brought to light that it isn’t just millennials who have been seen this way. The idea that a person’s values can change through time is not new, and it is commonly forgotten by the generations before us that they were once just like the millennials who they scorn on now. Something I also appreciated in Kelly’s talk was her honesty to admit our generations faults as well. She began her talk in typical millennial fashion by “taking selfies” to present a stereotypical person of our generation. The originality of her introduction also grabbed your attention at the beginning of the talk and made me want to continue watching. Kelly’s talk was original and realistic and analyzed and helped you to better understand topics that are commonly ignored in today’s society.

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