Indroducing Raheema…

These are some of our favorite TED talks chosen by our 2018-2019 team of students. Up next is Raheema, a senior at Allendale Columbia School.

I chose the TED talk “Where is Home” because, well, the title captured my attention. I always tell my mom that when I come back from trips or anything that I don’t feel like I am coming back home. I am coming back to my house and my hometown but I am not coming back home. Home to me is where I feel comfort, peace and genuine happiness; therefore, home is with my oldest sister. I feel home when I’m with my best friends because I feel welcome and secure. In my TED talk, the speaker talks about how he is Indian, but he doesn’t call India home. If he was to say where he lives or where his “home” is then he would say Japan. By looking at him, if he told a random stranger that he is from Japan, he would probably seem crazy. He continues to say how he felt most at home at a place about 3 hours from his home in California because he could sit in straight solitude, unbothered, left to reflect. I feel like I am still looking for a physical place to call home. I say that when I go to New York City, for example, I feel alive and I feel refreshed and new. You might think this is weird because it is so busy and crazy there. But I don’t know. It’s just something about being there that makes me feel safe. But then again, it is probably because I am surrounded by people that make me feel home. I love to sit and reflect in solitude when I can because you can look back on all of these decisions or things you have done without interruption. I love that part of my talk. So I guess I chose this TED talk because I am still yearning for a place to call home. And this TED talk incorporates that with my love to travel.


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