Introducing Cheney…

These are some of our favorite TED talks chosen by our 2018-2019 team of students. Up next is Cheney, a senior at Allendale Columbia School.

Before I die, I want to…

We often does not think death is at such a near place, until something happened. And after it happened, we then realised that death is just standing at a short distance watching us. The speaker Candy Chang talk about her project of creates art that prompts people to think about their secrets, wishes and hopes, and then share them.

Candy start to have this great idea when she lost someone that she loved a lot, she does not know what to do at that time, and days were miserable. She knows that she cannot stay in sad forever, so she try to move on. She came across the idea of using public places to share ideas and let people reflect. She turned an abandoned house into a giant chalkboard asking a fill-in-the-blank question: “Before I die I want to ___.” She have gotten a lot of responds, funny, poignant, surprising etc. This small idea became an unexpected mirror for the community.

Candy’s idea helped her to step out from her sadness and brought hope back to her life. She wants to use this way to help others to know that “you are not alone” and bring light to their life. Right now, Candy’s project spread across the world and is becoming a movement that people support and follow.

Under the video in the comment box, I saw many funny and cute ideas of what I want to do before I died. I came across a comment that make me went into deep thought. “Before I die, I want to know if I made this world a little better” The question really make people reflect and think, I believe that Candy will change a lot of people or even save a lot of people’s life which is letting the society to know that we are not alone.


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