Introducing Anna…

These are some of our favorite TED talks chosen by our 2018-2019 team of students. Up next is Anna, a junior at Allendale Columbia School.

A Funny Look at the Unintended Consequences of Technology shows how we decided to use technology. I think that this video was interesting because it talks about the intents of using the internet for good, but people using it to do pointless things. Social media was intended to connect people and was supposed to be the future of us. Instead, we consume ourselves in our social media. The use of technology has made our lives easier but we also use technology for practically everything. There are a lot of positive things that have come from using technology but there also a lot of negative things too. Cyberbullying was not something to worry about 20 years ago but now, people can and will say something horrible because they can do it anonymously. I thought that this video was interesting because it makes you realize how much you rely on the internet and devices. The video also made me think about how much information we put online and don’t think twice about it. The thought of AI and robots becoming smarter us is kind of concerning. When the video ends with saying “how human are you” it made me wonder how human I am because I grew up in the age where the use of technology was growing rapidly. I don’t think I know how human I am because I never lived in a time where technology was not accessible.



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