Introducing Ania…

These are some of our favorite TED talks chosen by our 2018-2019 team of students. First is Ania, a senior at Allendale Columbia School.

In the TED talk that I chose, The Antidote to Apathy, Dave Meslin discusses how apathy prevents us from taking part in our communities and how seven barriers are the main reasons of us not getting involved. Apathy is the lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern. I chose this TED talk because apathy is something that I struggle with a lot and I thought this TED talk was interesting because I relate to the topic. One thing that Meslin says that I found interesting was that we often hear that people don’t care and that real, substantial change is not possible because most people are too selfish or too lazy to try to make a difference. Meslin states that people in fact do care, but in today’s society, we are discouraged to make an effort because we are constantly putting obstacles in our way. One of the barriers that he talks about is public space. He says that : “the manner in which we mistreat our public spaces is a huge obstacle towards any type of progressive political change, because we’ve essentially put a price tag on freedom of expression.” He continues by saying : “The problem with this model is there are some amazing messages that need to be said, that aren’t profitable to say.” He finishes by saying that if people can redefine apathy, and if we can clearly define what those obstacles are, and if we work together collectively to get rid of these obstacles, then “anything is possible.”


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