Introducing Ania

As the new semester begins we will be introducing our 2017-2018 team through their favorite TED Talks. Next up is Ania, a Junior at Allendale Columbia School.

I chose this TED Talk because I saw the title of it and I thought it was interesting because it seemed surprising that kids actually wanted to go to summer school. The guy in the  Talk said that after kids went back to school, after the summer ended, they ended up forgetting almost three months of what they had learned. He said that mainly kids from low income neighborhoods were affected by this “summer slump.” He said that the teachers spent about five months catching the students up on what they forgot, and the kids ended up missing out on half of their education if each year they lost five months of their education. He said that after the kids attended summer school, instead of coming back to school behind, they came 4 or five months ahead. I thought this was interesting because the kids learned so much only over the course of two months.

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