Introducing Brandon

As the new semester begins we will be introducing our 2017-2018 team through their favorite TED Talks. Next up is Brandon, a Senior at Allendale Columbia School.

As I reflect on this TED Talk, what I love about this one specifically is he worked through the struggles of poverty, doubts, and other trying to bring down the idea, but he was persistent with his plan and vision for his town. I can relate to him on a level where we all start with small beginnings and things seem hard at first, but it is the passion that drives you to become better despite what others say.

His love for his people and town was the drive that impacted his vision for what could be and now what is. That something that was impossible was made possible because of hard work and his conquered roadblocks. Lastly, this inspires me to better and work harder toward the goals and dreams I strive to succeed in. My encouragement to whoever reads this, is that despite what your past experiences were with school, college, family, or even a career. Don’t let your past negative experiences poison the potential you have for the future opportunities.

Bonus video: William’s second talk from the TED stage art 22 years old.

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