Introducing Marissa

As the new semester begins we will be introducing our 2017-2018 team through their favorite TED Talks. Next up is Marissa, a Junior at Allendale Columbia School. 

I chose this TED Talk because one obvious reason I am very interested in sports. Also because I watch sports on tv a lot and follow famous athletes lives and always wonder what makes them so unique. Is it just how in shape they are in or are there other reasons? But one not so obvious one as well. Most recently I felt a disadvantage with my body type during soccer tryouts. We were scrimmaging in front of several coaches and it was very nerve wracking. I was very discouraged because I realized the people specifically playing my position were all skinny and could run forever. My body weight and type is not one you that wins marathons or wins races. However after watching this TED Talk it inspired me because it showed that times have changed and people have realized it’s not only about body weight and type there are other factors that contribute to athletes success.

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