Introducing Kasi

As the new semester begins we will be introducing our 2017-2018 team through their favorite TED Talks. Next up is Kasi, a Sophomore at Allendale Columbia School.

The reason that I picked my TED Talk, is because I have been told by my dad throughout my life is that the rich are getting richer and I have been discussing how they get rich and way the poor are not catching up so for me it had a connection with what I discuss with my parents at home. The TED Talk hits the main points of what my parents talk about when I am at home. So I found this talk on the youtube channel when I was looking through the list of videos. It caught my eye because of the connections to what I have heard at my house. The speaker talks about the rich getting richer due to tax cuts and he also talks about the fact that it is costing money to save money and a couple decades ago  you were making 150,000 dollars from a million now it is costing you 5,000 dollars to have a million dollars. It talks about the inequalities between the rich and the poor. He speaks about all he wants to be rich then he speaks  about the reasons of life and how it is not all about getting rich it is about how much you can help the world this line resonated with me to the point that it is one of the main reason I decided on this talk. The message that this TED Talk has that money is not everything in life it is about how you can help the world.  

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