Introducing Indy

As the new semester begins we will be introducing our 2017-2018 team through their favorite TED Talks. Next up is Indy, a Senior at Allendale Columbia School.

The Simple Cure for Loneliness by Baya Voce was the ninth TED talk that I had clicked on. Talks are usually hit or miss with me as I usually decide within the first 30 seconds or so if it is worth my time. The first 30 seconds of this talk screamed for me to turn it off but out of desperation I continued watching hoping it would get better, and it did. I was searching for TED talks that focused on mental health, LGBT issues, or anything else I would personally relate to. The title grabbed my attention because its advertisement for the “cure” for loneliness was appealing to me as I generally consider myself a lonely person. While watching the video the first time through I loved her emphasis on rituals to build an anchor of connection. The idea seemed so open and adaptable to every community that I thought I needed to share it with more people. Baya’s idea of rituals being at the center of curing loneliness made me question how I could implement rituals into my home, my school, and my city to build anchors of connection.

What are some of your rituals? If you were to create a new ritual with your “tribe” what would it be? Is there something you already do with your people that is a ritual that you didn’t even realize?

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