The theme for the TEDxAllendaleColumbiaSchool 2015 event is Spark. This year’s club members made the decision after some deliberation. Beyond being an incandescent particle or simply an ember, a spark has the ability to kickstart anything. We are looking forward to hearing presentations that have the potential to ignite a reaction. The whole purpose of this student organized event is to connect with others to promote idea-sharing.

In a meeting, club members examined what came to mind when they thought of the word spark. They conceptualized neurons firing, sending electrical and chemical signals as well as other science based meanings including catalysis and energy requirements. Phrases such as “the light within the dark” and “to create a butterfly effect” came up in the discussion. Words related to fire such as flicker, flare, and explosion, parlayed into other interpretations like revolution, transformation, and motivation. We encourage you to participate and investigate what spark means to you. What sparks your conversations, interest, curiosity, or even imagination?

Set this event in motion by applying to present and check out our new website:


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